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For a long time, there have been many attempts at copying Persian carpets around the world. Copying designs, and weaving carpets under the label of “Persian carpet” is a serious issue; since carpet is a vital part of the identity of Persian art and culture. One way to deal with this problem is to issue certificates for original handwoven carpets and Iran Guereh is the first establishment that exclusively issues certificates. Doing so, we help maintain and protect the identity of Persian hand-weaves and create a trusting atmosphere for carpet enthusiasts and businesspersons, which ultimately leads to prosperity for the Persian carpet as an art around the world.

After competent specialists and experts of this field have carefully inspected a carpet, Iran Guereh issues a certificate, that depending on the owner’s request, comes either in a summarized single-page or a fully detailed version. This certificate is held in high regard by experts, creators and consumers alike.

Iran Guereh is prepared for issuing certificates for all hand-weaves including rugs, gelim, gabbeh, etc.

Features of certificate and confirmation of ownership

Some of the outstanding features of these certificates and confirmation of ownership:

  • Certified by confirmation mark of handwoven carpet of persia
  • A dedicated QR code for each certificate that eases the process of making inquiries about the carpet
  • A full description of the handwoven carpet with pictures
  • Signed by specialists and experts that inspected the carpet
  • Owner’s details as well as the possibility to transfer ownership to a third party and issuing a new certificate for the new owner
  • Using RFID technology
  • A lifelong backup on a dedicated server
  • Full and single-page versions that come in Farsi and English

Issuing process of certificate and confirmation of ownership of Persian Handwoven Carpet

In general, issuing process of certificate and confirmation of ownership of Persian handwoven carpet includes the following steps.

Please watch the video at the following address for more information about issuing process of certificate and confirmation of ownership.

Contact us to apply for certificate

Please register your request through the request menu in the online method, or contact the support unit to apply in the offline method.

Support Team: +98-938-804-4990