.Iran Guereh company has been started since the spring of 2019, as the first informative and practical comprehensive reference of Persian handwoven carpet after five years of investigation

.Iran Guereh tries to create a center for synergy of artistic, cultural, scientific and practical activities in handwoven carpets for the development of Persian handwoven carpet .Iran Guereh Company thinks about great and valuable goals and uses the best solutions and opportunities to promote the position of Persian handwoven carpet around the world that Its source is the creative thinking of a leading and innovative group

.Iran Guereh seeks to create and maintain relationships among various beneficiaries of the Persian handwoven carpet and creating new opportunities for them and effective communication between them and handwoven carpet lovers. Therefore, People’s trust is the biggest asset of this company and it strives to expand its communication network with honesty, transparency and commitment

.It should be noted that the most important goals of Iran Guereh are pathology and study of problems and challenges art of Persian handwoven carpet, collecting specialized information, providing operational and effective solutions in the form of dedicated platform and finally playing the role as an interface among the creators, Suppliers and lovers of Persian handwoven carpet

:In this regard, Iran Guereh has started various projects, some of which quickly came to fruition while some others are still in progress. These projects are as follows In general, Iran Guereh issues two types of certificate and ownership specification

  • Creating Iran Guereh’s platform as the first and only comprehensive reference of Persian handwoven carpet
  • Creating a platform for issuing certificates and confirmation of ownership of Persian handwoven carpet
  • Creating an exclusive website for demonstration and sale of handwoven carpet special for creators and suppliers
  • Creating a public website called Timcheh for demonstration and sale of handwoven carpets special for public users
  • Holding seminars, gatherings, exhibitions and competitions related to handwoven carpet
  • .Scientific and practical researches regarding handwoven carpets and publishing the results as books, magazines, etc
  • Providing consultation and extra services related to handwoven carpet
  • Creating a platform of production-and-sale for business management special for creators and suppliers
  • Creating a platform of organizational and administrative for operation improving of administrative activities special for related organizations
  • Providing personal profiles for introducing Professional users and connecting them with each other

Iran Guereh Team

Mohammad Reza Tajerrashti


Zahra shavandi

Executive Manager & Member of the Board

Hossein Beikzadeh

Public Relations Manager

Mohammad Mahdi Givehchi

Web Project Manager

Alireza Mahmoudi

Network Administrator

maryam mortezayi

Visual Designer & UI & UX

Mohammad Sadeq Kiomarsi

Supervisor of the Web Developer Unit

Mona Akhavan qorbani

Front-end Developer

Zahedeh Badi

Administrative Unit Supervisor

Parsa Eskandarian

Executive Unit Supervisor