Rashtizadeh Rug in the 26th specialized exhibition of handmade carpets in Tehran province

The 26th Tehran Handmade Carpet Exhibition will be held from September 1 to 7 at the permanent location of international exhibitions. This exhibition is the most specialized exhibition of handmade carpet supply and one of the largest events in the handmade carpet industry in Iran and the world. The organizer of this exhibition provides special facilities for the presence of active traders in the field of buying and selling products abroad. In recent years, businessmen from around the world have participated in this important event. In this exhibition, companies active in the country's handmade carpet industry are present and display a treasure trove of handmade carpets and unique Iranian works. Also, all kinds of handmade carpets from different regions of Iran are offered in different sizes and colors. A variety of rugs and carpets, kilims and Rug Tableou of various colors will be displayed in the booths and also the best antique and contemporary rugs in our country will be exposed to the visitors and will dazzle the eyes.

2017/08/23 | 1396/06/01

number of visits : 93

Objectives of the exhibition of handmade carpets

One of the goals of this year's handmade carpet exhibition is to increase carpet exports along with domestic sales, introduce economic trade capacity, plan and study the barriers and weaknesses of the Rug industry, create a suitable platform for domestic and foreign investment, produce entrepreneurial fields, introduce goods and innovations. They are in the hands of the entrepreneurs. It has achieved one of its most important goals when it can create healthy competition between domestic producers. Creating a direct relationship between producers and consumers of this valuable product is one of the most important goals of this exhibition. Participants and exhibitors must participate in this exhibition with lofty goals and calculated plans in order for their presence to be effective. More than 700 active participants in this field will participate in this year's handmade carpet exhibition. The visitors of this exhibition are mostly traders and buyers of handmade carpets from inside and outside the country.

Date : 2017/08/23 | 1396/06/01 Hour : 10:00 - 20:00 Creator : Rashtizadeh Rug Gallery
2017/08/23 | 1396/06/01
Hour : 10:00 - 20:00
Creator : Rashtizadeh Rug Gallery