The pattern of Boteh in the Rug

boteh pattern is one of the most original patterns used in Iranian handwoven rugs. Buteh or Boteh, which one is commonly called Boteh Jeqeh, can be seen as a symbol of combining art and thought. A group of semiologists consider it a symbol of the tree of life or cypress, which is the basis of a new combination. The existence of the concepts of immortality, youth in the semantics of the tree of life and the symbol of the cedar tree may not have had an effect on the formation of this motif.By keeping its identity and symbolic meaning, the character of Boteh has been able to change its shape and become a tool for the production of works of art in different regions. The existence of more than 70 different types of Boteh pattern shows the deep and symbolic roots of this pattern. In the collection of Rashtizadeh rugs, examples of luxurious and exquisite rugs have been created with Boteh motifs, which the designer was able to display the most beautiful and unique works with the simplest Boteh shape. In this collection, various samples of silk rugs with Boteh patterns are displayed.