Medallion-corner in rug

The most common, the most famous and the most popular design used in handwoven rugs is the Medallion-corner design. This design was very widely used during the Safavid era and is one of the distinctive features of the rugs of that period. And where does the origin of this plan go back. As we know, the old gardens of Iran had several ponds, which were connected by water streams. The garden or its design is defined by the regular geometrical shapes of quadrangles, hexagons, rhombuses, and the like, and there is a relationship between them. Therefore, many experts believe that the origin of this design goes back to Golestan motifs and garden designs in Iranian rugs. Flexibility is the name of the corner in the word, which is located in the corner of the rug. Medallion is one of the most specific elements that is used in the design of Medallion rug, and it stands out in the central place of the rug. Medallion are usually designed in circular, oval, and strip shapes. And if these Flexibility are combined with Medallion, the design is called Medallion-corner. In this collection, we see a set of unique rugs with Medallion-corner pattern.