Qom Handwoven Carpet Employers Union

was established in Qom province in 2019 with a group of employers and activists of Qom handwoven carpet field. One of the most important goals of the association is to create unity and solidarity in the hand-woven carpet trade among Qom hand-woven carpet employers in order to develop and promote the Qom hand-woven carpet market. One of the most important activities of the Qom Handwoven Carpet Employers Association in the last two years is holding more than 40 meetings to examine the problems and issues in the field of handwoven carpets and provide executive suggestions to improve the culture and art of handwoven carpets in Qom. This association plans to implement these proposals this year by creating operational working groups and take steps towards the prosperity of Qom's handwoven carpet market.

 Qom Rug Employers Association