Qom Handwoven Carpet Employers Trade Union was established in Qom province in 2019 with the consensus of a group of employers and activists in the field of Qom handwoven carpets. One of the most important activities of this association is holding hand-woven carpet exhibitions in order to introduce the art of Qom hand-woven carpets and Qom carpet artists. In this regard, this association participates in hand-woven carpet exhibitions of different regions in cooperation with Iran Guereh. The first joint exhibition of the Qom Handwoven Carpet Employers Association was the 17th Qom Handwoven Carpet Exhibition, with the introduction of some Qom carpet artists, including Rashtizadeh rug, Reza Erami rug, Forouhar rug, Sedighian rug, Bigdeli rug, Elyasi rug, Hossein Shirazi rug, Mohammad Nouri rug, Hadi Pourjahan rug and Alizadeh rug and their works were also held in cooperation with Iran Guereh Collection and Samito Company. The second cooperative exhibition of Qom Handwoven Carpet Employers Association is the 26th Isfahan Handwoven Carpet Exhibition, which will be held from 4th to 9th of Bahman 1402. This exhibition will be held with the presence of Rashtizadeh rug, Seddigian rug, Elyasi rug, Sohail Bigdeli rug, in cooperation with Samito and Iran Guereh Company. In this gallery, some of the works of these artists are displayed virtually.