ARK Rug Gallery

Due to the fact that the art of Persian rugs is the best and most special type of rug in the world and has many fans and lovers, ARK Rug Gallery display and introduce a collection of exquisite Persian rugs in the UAE.

ARK Rug Gallery (Aristocratic Rug King) has been stablished by IRAN GUEREH Company in the aim of Introduction of Persian rug art. Since the main goal of ARK Rug Gallery is presentation of Persian rug art and its artists it has gathered 8 superior Persian rug artists who have been approved by the government of Iran in the opportunity of expo 2020 dubai.

ARK rug gallery with team of 15,000 weavers, present a collection of exquisite Persian handwoven carpets such as Rugs, Kilims, Kilim-Rug and Gabbeh from all urban, rural and nomadic rug weaving regions of Iran in the aim of creating a new sense of luxury in interior design style through collaboration with architects and interior designers. In other words, ARK Rug Gallery plays an important role as a link between Persian rug artists and their lovers in the UAE.

It should be noted Persian rug designs are named after the village, tribe or city where they were made. A rug cannot be called Persian unless it was actually made in the country of Iran, unfortunately market invaded by the products which labeled as Persian rugs but in fact were not made in Iran.

In this regard ARK Rug Gallery successfully became a first international gallery that present the certificate and ownership confirmation of Persian handwoven carpet approved by the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade of Iran (Iran National Carpet Center).

The 8 selected superior artists in Ark Rug Gallery are as follows:

Reza Erami Rug: Creator of Qom silk rugs, brilliant heritage of beauty and art.

Rashtizadeh Rug: Founder and creator of Qom silk rugs, a pioneer in Prestige, Authenticity and Modernity.

Mohammad Reza Sedighian Rug: Creator of Qom silk rugs, creator of high-density silk rugs.

Hossein Erami Rug: Creator of Qom silk rugs, creator of new designs combining tradition and modernity.

Heidarian Rug: Creator of nomadic and rural style Rugs, reflecting the Iranian history and culture.

F. Haghighi Rug: Creator of the most original and exquisite contemporary rugs of Isfahan.

Soheil Bigdeli Rug: Creator of Qom silk rugs, reviver of the traditions designs by creatively using novel colors.

Iran Carpet Company: Creator of different regions rugs of Iran, Creator of the world's largest carpet.