Mohammadreza Sedighian

Mohammadreza Sedighian was born in 1973 in a family with no background in carpet production. While studying applied mathematics in a bachelor's program, he got his first ‘official’ job in 1991.

In 1994 he was employed by the Carpet Union in Qom as the director of administrative affairs. As time went on, the beauty of the carpets that he saw at the Carpet Union of Qom dazzled him. Gradually he became interested in Persian carpets and weaving them. His enthusiasm led him to learn everything he could from the experienced individuals of the Carpet Union. After a while he became an expert himself.

After leaving the Carpet Union of Qom, in 1996 he entered the market of hand-woven carpets in Qom, where as an active businessman he spent most of his time trading carpets.

In 2000 he married the daughter of master Mohammad Jamshidi. After seeing a master of the art from up close and getting familiar with his father-in-law’s views on Persian carpet and its production, he started to focus more on the production of carpets and learned priceless lessons from master Jamshidi.

The Sedighian Carpet

The Sedighian Carpet Gallery was founded in 2000. There are an array of factors at play that make the Sediqian carpet spectacular among all hand-woven carpets of Qom: Using high-quality material, original motifs with a dazzling harmony of colors and creativity in design, along with thread dyeing processes that meet the international standards and skilled weavers that are the biggest assets of the Sediqian Carpet.

This gallery has produced many pieces in different sizes. Whether it’s 40x60 cm or 400x600 cm, the Sediqian Gallery always delivers top quality. Most of the carpets of this gallery are made of silk and a few are made of wool. Even those made by wool have their flowers motifs made with silk.

In 2016, the Sediqian Carpet Gallery changed its strategy in production and started to increase the variety of the products by focusing more on creativity. This resulted in various combinations in design and color. The final products were so impressive that the gallery started to receive many offers and orders for its carpets, some of which are woven in limited numbers. The results left the customers and critics in awe.

The target audience of the Sediqian Carpet has moved beyond our borders as there are keen supporters and customers across Europe, America, East Asia and the countries in the Persian gulf.

At the Sediqian Carpet Gallery, we are constantly improving and perfecting our products. We wish to see our carpets in different collections and residences of Persian carpet enthusiasts around the world.