Terms and conditions of use of Iran Guereh site

  • Purchasing of goods and services from Iran guereh is based on the laws and regulations in e-commerce and in full compliance with all laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
  • The services and contents of this site are provided for the personal and non-commercial use of customers and the intellectual property of the information contained therein belongs to Iran Guereh and any misuse of this information is prosecuted and any use of the contents of the site without mentioning the source is not allowed.
  • The information contained in the specifications of the goods offered on the site has been obtained from the suppliers of the goods, and the store will be constantly updating the information and its contents. Therefore, the provider of that product is responsible for the accuracy of the information entered for each product.


  • From a legal point of view, in Iran Guereh transactions, the site (guereh.com) is considered as the seller and the ordering internet user is considered as the buyer. The sale of goods and services is based on the type and amount that the buyer has selected in the shopping cart of Iran Gareh site. The price of the calculated site will also inform the buyer.
  • When ordering goods, users are required to enter the required and complete information correctly and then continue the process of completing the purchase.

Shipping and delivery of goods

  • Shipping inside the country is sent through the post company of the Islamic Republic of Iran and authorized carriers. At present, until the end of 1397 AD, shipping costs throughout the country are free.

After-sales service

  • If the buyer cancels the goods before sending them and after depositing the money, the whole amount will be refunded to his bank account, and if he cancels his purchase after sending the goods, if there is no damage to the goods, no later than 48 hours later. It will have the right to cancel the delivery of the goods and Iran Guereh will refund the total amount received for the purchase of this goods as soon as possible without demanding any money, and the only cost imposed on the customer will be the cost of returning the goods. (Article 37 of the Electronic Commerce Law)

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