Soheil Bigdeli, the selected creator of the Golden Knot Conference

The 6th Rashtizadeh Golden Knot Conference is held every year on December 6 for the advancement and development of the art of persian hand-woven carpets, and to support the beneficiaries of this field, with the participation of a group of national and provincial officials and hand-woven carpet activists. In this conference, 7 statues will be awarded to the best activists of Iran's rug art.

2019/12/07 | 1398/09/16

Soheil Bigdeli, the winner of the statue of the chosen phenomenon

Soheil Bigdeli, an innovative and creative producer in the field of Qom hand-woven carpets, was selected as the best producer in the sixth Golden Knot Conference. Soheil Begdeli, the creator of the beautiful and exquisite works of Shrine and Poppy Flower, was previously selected in the 4th and 6th Tehran International Carpet Exhibition's Best Carpet Festival.

Date : 2019/12/07 | 1398/09/16 Hour : 10:00 - 12:00 Creator : Soheil Bigdeli Rug Gallery
2019/12/07 | 1398/09/16
Hour : 10:00 - 12:00
number of visits : 60
Creator : Soheil Bigdeli Rug Gallery