The tree of life in science, religion, philosophy and mythology is a multi-branched tree that represents thought and a mystical concept that refers to the interconnection of all life components on our planet. The tree of life is the secret axis of the world and an evergreen tree whose fruits are eternal and immortal and is the essence of all trees. One of the most original and oldest hand-woven rug designs is the tree of life pattern. Looking at history, we realize that the tree of life is known as a symbol of the universe, blessing and fertility, and a symbol of knowledge and eternal life, and the continuity of this concept is always present on Iranian rugs. From the past until now, different designs and roles of the tree of life have been woven and created in the framework of the fabric. Master Ali Tajerashti, the creator of the Rashtizadeh rug brand, has left unique examples of the design and pattern of the tree of life in this collection, a part of that great art, such as beautiful depictions of the Lily tree, pine tree, cypress tree, Majnoon willow tree, Various flowering trees representing the tree of life in paradise are displayed.